As a 2014 AAAS Mass Media Fellow, I wrote for KQED Science and QUEST. I created peer-reviewed educational modules for Visionlearning and have written about food science for UCLA’s Science & Food blog and my personal blog, Bite-Sized Biology.


Confidence Intervals: Statistical Techniques (2016)
Introduction to Inferential Statistics (2016)
Introduction to Descriptive Statistics: Using Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation (2015)

The Smithsonian Affiliate Newsletter

Volunteers Restore Smithsonian’s Ranger Spacecraft in Los Angeles (Fall 2015)


A House Made From Mushrooms? An Artist Dreams of a Fungal Future (8/26/2014)
The Future of Sustainable Food: Q&A with Wendell Berry (8/5/2014)

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Bite-Sized Biology

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