Liz Roth-JohnsonI am a science writer and educator based in Los Angeles, CA.

I currently work as a Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER) Fellow in UCLA’s Department of Life Sciences Core Education. In addition to teaching, I develop active-learning strategies for a large-enrollment introductory course in cell biology and physiology.

These days I put my science writing to use by creating educational content for Visionlearning. Previously, I’ve worked with UCLA’s science outreach program Science & Food and co-founded the K-8 science and engineering outreach program BEAM at UCLA.

As a 2014 AAAS Mass Media Fellow, I spent a summer working as a science reporter at KQED.

I received my PhD in Molecular Biology from UCLA and my BA degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology and Music from UC Berkeley. I love writing about all kinds of science and specialize in the life sciences, particularly cell biology and biochemistry.

My work has appeared on KQED Science, QUEST, UCLA’s Science & Food blog, and my personal blog, Bite-Sized Biology.